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Basal Implants in Vadodara – Replace Your Missing Teeth in Just 2 Visits Over 3 Days

What are Basal Implants?

Basal Implants are single piece implants which are placed in the hard bones present around the jaw, called the Cortical bones. These dental implants are self-drilling and sharp so they can penetrate in the basal-cortical bones without causing much trauma to the patient. Their self-drilling nature significantly reduces the procedure time to around 10 minutes only, minimizing patient discomfort.

Who Should Get Basal Implants?

  • Adults
  • Elders
  • Smokers
  • Diabetics

Why You Should Consider Basal Implants?

  • Minimal drilling & procedure time
  • Reduced bone healing time
  • Faster post-operative recovery
  • Minimal post-operative patient care
  • Lower failure rate & longer-lasting effects
  • No bone loss

Why Monarch Dental Clinic?

Testimonial – I wanted to thank Dr. Mihir for a great dental experience at his clinic.. I have undergone multiple dental procedures here and all I can say is both Dr. Mihir and Aesha are experts in their field. Recently I underwent a Basal Implant surgery and wanted to share my view on the difference between regular implants and Basal implants as I have done both of these treatments and I must say I would definitely opt for Basal and here’s why –

  • It’s a more convenient and easy procedure
  • The wait time is exceptionally less – within 3 days your teeth is fixed whereas in normal implants I had to wait for 2 months without teeth
  • The recovery time is faster

Mr Shailesh Patel

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