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Wisdom Tooth Removal

wisdom teeth removalWisdom may be a highly sought-after quality, but wisdom teeth can be rather a pain to deal with! Most of us have wisdom teeth that are ungainly and painful, having grown in crooked, impacted or misshapen. Luckily, they don’t serve any real purpose and can be removed without affecting the way you smile, eat, or any other oral function at all.

If you want your wisdom teeth removed, all you need to do is book an appointment at Monarch Dental Clinic, to be examined by our team of experienced dentists. They will take detailed x-rays of the aggravating tooth from different angles, examine the problem and then give you their expert advice so you can take an informed decision.

When it comes to wisdom teeth, you should get a check-up even if you feel no pain. If they have emerged naturally and there is no reason to extract them, our dentists will tell you right away.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

Do you have excessive pain in the furthest ‘corners’ of your mouth, though you don’t see or feel a tooth there? This could be due to a damaged wisdom tooth under the gum, which is unable to grow naturally due to lack of space for natural eruption. Tempting as it may seem, leaving this tooth where it is can lead to further infection in the surrounding teeth and gum, so it’s best to remove the underlying wisdom tooth and prevent greater damage. A minor procedure now will save you a lot of trouble in the future!

Removal of Partly-Emerged Wisdom Tooth

Do you have partly emerged or crooked wisdom teeth, which you can feel with your tongue or know they’re there because they hurt when you eat hard things? We think it is time for you to remove them before they become infected. Partly-emerged wisdom teeth leave space for bacteria to enter your gums and infect the area around them, so get them removed through a simple procedure before they cause more damage.

You can also rest assured that our dentists and their assistants will take the utmost care to ensure you experience minimal pain during the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. It’ll take a maximum of three to four appointments, and you will be prescribed a couple of pain killers after the tooth is extracted and open areas of gums are sealed. If you’re wary of extractions because you think they will hurt, you can sit back knowing you’re in good hands!