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Gum Reshaping

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile, and that first impression goes a long way. Even with symmetric teeth that are perfectly aligned and spotless, an uneven gum line or one that falls far below the lip line can be uncomfortable and make you think twice about flashing your otherwise charming smile.

Uneven, receded or over-sized gums can also lead to further complications and affect oral health. You gums should complement your smile, not grab attention by being unsightly, but don’t fret about it, because they are easily corrected with gum reshaping procedures!

Gum reshaping is an excellent option for reducing the size of your gums so they stay proportional to the rest of the mouth. There are a variety of options to enhance your gum line for an even contour and uniform height.

What Causes Uneven Gums?

Gums can be uneven, placed too low or too high for a number of reasons, including genetic pre-disposition, health problem or even as side-effects of some common prescription drugs.

Gums that are too low make teeth look longer and often caused by gum recession, where tissue retracts from the teeth and exposes the root. It can lead to serious dental problems like decaying and tooth loss. Overgrown gums can also be an indication of periodontal disease (Gingivitis), or the deterioration of the supporting structures of the teeth, gums and bone.

Gum Reshaping Benefits

With our advanced dentistry procedures at Monarch Dental Clinic, we can perfectly contour your gum line to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile. Gum reshaping can benefit you both physically and socially and has many advantages over other procedures.

These include:

  • Symmetric gum line
  • Optimum gum-to-tooth ratio
  • Safe, fast and virtually painless procedure
  • Controlling bleeding and swelling
  • Short recovery period and permanent results
  • Reduces chances of infection and inflammation
  • Improves your looks and self-confidence
  • Makes you less self-conscious

Other Related Procedures

Gum reshaping can be performed with other cosmetic dental procedures as part of a larger cosmetic treatment plan for a complete makeover.

  • Gum re-sculpting or Gingival sculpting involves re-contouring the gum and the supporting bone structure.
  • In a crown lengthening procedure, conscious intravenous (IV) sedation and a local anesthetic is administered, and the excess gum and bone tissue is re-contoured to expose more of your natural teeth.
  • For people who have lost gum tissue due to poor dental hygiene, aggressive brushing, or gum disease, Papillary regeneration can fill the spaces between teeth and cover prominent teeth. Delicate gingival biotypes from progression of periodontitis can also be rectified.

With the application of connective-tissue periodontal grafts and various plastic surgery techniques, these procedures can accurately deliver the desired results

Gum Sculpting Risks

Gum sculpting is a surgery and as with any surgery, there are some risks associated with the procedure, like post-operative infection or swelling, though they’re few and rare. At Monarch Dental Clinic, our team of dentists, surgeons and qualified experts will thoroughly discuss any risks with you before the procedure. Gum sculpting is performed only under local anesthesia, so there are no risks that are associated with general anesthesia.

Before And After Image Of Gum Reshaping

  • Before-Gum Reshaping
    After-Gum Reshaping
    Before Gum Reshaping After