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Scaling & Polishing

Maintaining good oral health is your first line of defense against the onset of various infections and oral diseases, but despite your best efforts, sometimes brushing twice a day isn’t enough to keep your ‘pearly whites’ sparkling, and plaque starts building up.

Plaque and tartar are pre-cursors to complications that result in cavities, sensitivity and much more. Other than that, teeth that have build-ups and stains from food or habits are unsightly and can make you very self-conscious when you’re smiling or talking, and they can even suck the joy out of a hearty laugh!

How Does Scaling and Polishing Help Manage Plaque Build-Ups?

If plaque accumulates, it eventually hardens to form tartar or calculus, at which point you won’t be able to get rid of it by brushing and flossing alone. A regular visit to your dentist is necessary to maintain good oral health, and to detect signs of any dental health issues before they become serious complications.

If your teeth have unnatural build-ups of plaque and tartar, or they’re stained, we can descale your teeth with a high-frequency ultrasonic scaler, which literally ‘shakes loose’ the tartar from your teeth. Once the deposits and scaling are gone, we can proceed to the polishing, which uses an abrasive paste to get rid of any stains and smooth the top surface to prevent plaque from adhering to your teeth.

The procedure is carried out by one of our highly-qualified dentists who will also advise you on how to maintain good oral health. Every dentist at the Monarch Dental Clinic is committed to providing the highest standards in oral care, ensuring your mouth remains healthy and your smile is the best it can be!

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