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Tooth Contouring

Small changes can have a big impact, and that’s particularly the case with tooth contouring. This procedure has functional benefits that range from smoothing out pointy edges to fixing minor imperfections in the bite position, but the main benefit is cosmetic. Tooth contouring can get rid of the unsightly protrusions marring your otherwise-dazzling smile.

Is Tooth Contouring Right for You?

Even tiny adjustments can improve the overall look and feel of your teeth, and dental contouring is the best way to do it. If your pearly-whites are blemished by a few teeth that are too pointy, crooked or lean toward one side, and you don’t want major cosmetic dentistry, tooth contouring is the quick, easy and pocket-friendly option for you!

How Does Tooth Contouring Work?

At the Monarch Dental Clinic, one of our experienced dentists will start with a thorough examination of your teeth. After a comprehensive diagnosis, our dentist will discuss the procedure with you thoroughly, so you’ll have a better idea of the result you should expect. Dental X-rays may be needed before the contouring begins, to ensure that your teeth are sufficiently healthy and disease-free.

Tooth contouring doesn’t rattle your nerves, so there’s no need for anesthetics. In most cases, only the enamel (the hard coating) is removed using a drill. Once your tooth is sculpted, it is polished to get rid of any bumps and to give it a nice shine. Our team of dentists includes seasoned contourers who can get the entire procedure done within 30 minutes.

The results are immediate and you can quickly get back out and start dazzling everyone with that charming smile!

How Painful is Tooth Contouring?

This is one dentist’s appointment that won’t give you nightmares, because it’s virtually painless. There may be some sensitivity to cold/hot food and drinks, but it disappears completely in a day or two. Since there’s no damage or trauma to heal, you can usually start eating normally right away.

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    After-Tooth Contouring
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