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Dental tourism India

Why Should You Consider Visiting India for Dental Care and Treatment?

While seeking dental care, two important factors you consider are the quality of treatment and its cost-effectiveness. With the rise in medical costs across the western world, many people find it more appealing to travel to exotic locations for dental tourism, combining a vacation with dental treatment!

Dental Tourism in India

India has become the hub for dental tourism in recent years, especially among NRIs looking for affordable dental care which is high-quality.

Around 150,000 people travel to India from around the world every year for medical treatment and dental care.
In the past couple of years, medical tourism in India has risen from approximately US $310 million to US $2 billion per year.

Here’s why you should visit India for dental tourism:

  • Lower Treatment Cost – There’s a vast difference between medical costs in India and western countries, and dental treatment is no exception. Here’s a quick comparison of some common procedures:

    Dental fillings can cost up to $300-$400 in the U.S. and European countries, but only $20-$40 in India.
    You can pay up to $3000 for a root canal and $1000 for dentures in the U.S., while these cost only $100-$200 in India.

    While teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $350 to $800 in U.S., you will only pay about $110 in India.
    Many dental and medical procedures in India are even more affordable than those in Thailand and other international medical travel destinations. Besides, clinics in India, especially like ours, value and obey strict guidelines and regulations that don’t allow for poor treatment conditions.

  • High Standards – Lower wage rates in India make it possible for dental health procedures to be wrapped up at cheaper rates, without any compromises in terms of quality. Many clinics and hospitals in the country are accredited by authorities such as the JCI and NABH, offering specialized medical services that meet the highest international standards.

  • Air Connectivity – Various major airlines connect to Indian cities where the best hospitals are located. Tour operators can make the necessary arrangements if required, making travel easier and keeping expenses in check. Even if you need to fly from one city to another, the high-quality and budget-friendly dental health treatment makes it all worthwhile.
  • Language Barrier – Unlike some other medical tourism destinations, India has a large English-speaking population. Any good clinic in the country will have doctors and staff who can answer every query or problem you may face. In certain hospitals, translators are also provided for international visitors who speak European or Middle Eastern languages.
  • Tourism and Alternate Medicine – India’s rich culture and heritage offers unforgettable experiences for international tourists. Along with tourist attractions, it’s also the home of alternative health and wellness solutions such as Yoga and Ayurveda. If you’re considering dental treatment abroad, India will fulfil both your dental health and leisure travel goals!

At Monarch Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of dental services including implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Our clinic in Vadodara is equipped with the latest technologies and certified by reputed international medical commissions. If you’re visiting family in India or looking for affordable dental tourism options abroad, contact us today at +917623840423 and we can help you and guide you in planning your trip as well!

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