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Flaunt a Sparkling Smile This Festive and Wedding Season

You follow a good dental routine all year round but maintaining your oral health can get challenging during the festive season as well as the wedding season that follows. This is the time that is loaded with the goodness of rich, savory snacks and sugary delights. This year don’t let your sweet tooth take a toll on your teeth and gums.

Keep your teeth healthy and smile beautiful to look your best during the festivities. Follow these 5 tips for healthy teeth even with delicious treats all around:

  1. Be Cautious of Your Sugary Cravings and Snack Smart
    This is common sense, really. If sugar is bad for your teeth and gums, piling into sweets, chocolates and candies is not going to do your oral health any good. To prevent tooth decay and cavities, limit your intake of sugary and sticky foods, especially if you wear braces.
  2. Maintain a Dental Routine
    Brushing your teeth twice a day is a crucial part of good dental health, especially when you’re eating sweets. It reduces the formation of dental plaque or bacterial buildup on your teeth and gums, which is the leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease.
  3. Use Tools Instead of Your Teeth
    If you’re tempted to use your teeth to strip electrical wires, hold nails while hanging up decorations, or cut knots in packaging, don’t. Teeth are not meant to be used in place of tools, so protect them from harm and give them the care they deserve!
  4. Drink a Lot of Water
    Water helps you stay hydrated when you’re rushing around to finish pre-Diwali chores, or running last minute errands during wedding prep, but it also keeps your mouth healthy. Drink a glass of plain water to remove food remnants after indulging in sweets or snacks, especially if you can’t brush right away.
  5. Make an Appointment With Us to Look Your Best!
    It’s a good idea to get a dental checkup before the festive season starts. You can receive treatment for any dental health issues before they get serious, and your dentist will also be able to advise you on special precautions or oral hygiene tips to follow. Stay prepared for the festivities by keeping your teeth in their best shape. Schedule an appointment with us and we will make sure you look your best and confidently flaunt your new smile this festive season where the glamour quotient needs to be at its maximum.
  6. Let Your Smile Create an Impact with Teeth Whitening
    At Monarch Dental Clinic in Vadodara, we can make you smile more radiant with our effective teeth whitening treatment that can not only remove stains but also restore any lost teeth structure to create an appealing smile.
  7. Look Younger Than You Are with Our Cosmetic Treatments
    Reverse the signs of aging and take years off your face with our cosmetic treatments that has proven efficacy in correcting fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin. The treatments are minimally invasive, safe and works wonders to make you look younger.
  8. Flash Your Pearly Whites with Smile Designing
    We offer a plethora of personalized dental treatments to improve your smile. From composite fillings to dental veneers to braces, every treatment approach is customized to rectify every oral flaw and give you a perfect smile.

The wedding season follows the festivities of Diwali so now is the time to schedule an appointment at Monarch Dental Clinic and be the center of attention with that perfect smile and youthful glow! Call +917016730440 now and make your desired change happen.

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